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      发布时间:2020-05-26 16:33 作者:高达科技 浏览量:


        Fighting the "2019-nCoV" in action, GaoDa has positively to carried out the resumption of work and production

        2020 年 3月14 号,在复工复产后的第四个周末,高达科技为越南发达纸业准备的年产10万吨的造纸项目自动化部分按合同约定时间准时发货。

        On March 14, 2020, the fourth weekend after the work resumption, the automation part of the paper making project with capacity of 100,000 tons per year prepared by Gaoda for Vietnam CONG TY GIAY PHAT DAT( TNHH) was delivered on time according to the contract.




        货物到达用户现场后,我们在第一时间安排越南办事处员工到用户现场协助客户验货,越南发达纸业的老板CAO VAN DAT 先生对高达科技赞不绝口。发达纸业的项目计划在2020年6月开机,由于前期疫情的影响老板一直担心中国的供应商们不能按时交货,高达科技的货物准时按进度到达现场,并且有高达的越南籍工程师及时的提供技术服务,让CAO VAN DAT 先生非常感动,非常庆幸当初选择高达。

        After the goods arrived, we arranged our colleague of the Vietnam branch to assist the customer's inspection at the first time. Mr. Cao Van Dat, the owner of CONG TY GIAY PHAT DAT( TNHH), praised Gaoda. This project is scheduled to start running in June 2020, due to the huge impact of the Coronavirus in China , the boss has been worried that Chinese suppliers could not be able to deliver on time, the goods of Gaoda arrived on time as scheduled and also technical services provided by Vietnamese engineers from Gaoda, which made Mr. Cao Van Dat very satisfied that he has chosen Gaoda.





        After the breakout of the 2019-nCoV, the company's original production and operation plans was completely disrupted. After the success of anti-epidemic work in China, under the leadership of general manager Hu Debing, the company react positively to carried out the resumption of work and production, Gaoda regards the customers' demands as first priority under the condition of protecting the safety of employees, and ensure that the projects in progress could delivered on time and in accordance with quality.


        From winter to spring, everything recovers. As always, Gaoda will uphold its commitment to customers, never forget its original intention, and move forward all the way!


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