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      Gaoda’s application of PCS7 System
      pubdate:2022-02-28 16:37 author:gdkj Pageviews:

                As the only global partner of Siemens in the pulp and papermaking industry in China, Gaoda Sci-Tech began to use PCS7 system to provide DCS system in the pulp and paper industry from 2000. In engineering practice, combined with the pulp and papermaking process and equipment, it developed this special functional block library to meet the process needs and equipment requirements of pulp and papermaking.

          Standard program library:

          Standard functional block


          self-developed SCL

          meet the standard equipment controls

          Archive and alarm records generated automatically

           Gaoda’s application of PCS7 System(图1)           

          the standard functional block:

          Corresponding to functional blocks

          Multiple icon styles

          Create instances automatically

         Gaoda’s application of PCS7 System(图2)           

          The standard display panel


             Leveled operation permissions     

         Automatic transfer parameters

      Gaoda’s application of PCS7 System(图3)           

          Special function block:

                For a specific equipment or process           Customizabl           Can be extended from standard modules

          Special Function Icons:

                Corresponding to functional blocks           Displays the status of the current equipment or process

          Special function panel:

                Operation and setting of the special function blocks           Leveled operation permissions    Gaoda’s application of PCS7 System(图4)

      Gaoda Sci-Tech mainly provides the DCS system for the pulp and paper industry, covering the whole pulp and paper industry. At the same time, Gaoda Sci-Tech also provides DCS systems for NSP cement production line, tobacco sheet, sewage treatment, waste incineration and other industries.


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